Which Fitness Clubs Offer Lifetime Membership?


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No major fitness club in the United States offers lifetime memberships valid at every location, as of 2015. Some individual franchises of LA Fitness and Red Fitness may offer lifetime memberships, but these memberships are typically valid for one location only.

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Which Fitness Clubs Offer Lifetime Membership?
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Unlimited lifetime gym memberships sound undeniably appealing; constant access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment is a dream for anyone interested in maintaining a solid physique. However, it is worth noting that gyms offering these types of memberships have been known to close their doors without warning. In those cases, anyone with a lifetime membership may be left responsible to pay his bill in full, even though the gym is no longer open. Read contracts carefully before signing on to a lifetime membership with a fitness center, paying special attention to what might happen if the gym were to close.

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