What Is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for the Treatment of Anxiety and Pain?


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The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a device approved by the FDA to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. According to Fisher Wallace, the device works by electronically stimulating the brain to produce seratonin and other neurochemicals that support healthy mood and sleep patterns.

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The Fisher Wallace Simulator can also be used to treat chronic pain by employing pain gate control theory to suppress the feeling of pain. This device is recommended to be used twice per day by the patient for 20 minutes each time. The device works by attaching a small simulator to the skull, which sends a low-intensity electronic pulse to the brain for 20 minutes.

Dr. Holtzheimer, of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University, states he is not confident in the effectiveness of the device due to a lack of published research. Dr. Holtzheimer has reviewed the device alongside its competitor, the Alpha-Stim, and he believes the effects it has on depression may be too insignificant to be considered useful. EmpowHer states there are several other neurologically stimulating devices that have been grandfathered in without the rigorous testing and consumers should be cautious in their purchase. There are some reports of electrical shock as a side effect of using the device which has caused wariness in some patrons, but these reports do not seem to be frequent.

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