What Fish Oil Brand Is Best?

fish-oil-brand Credit: Blackzheep/iStock/Getty Images

The best fish-oil brand according to LabDoor, a supplement watchdog group, is WHC UnoCardio 1000 + Vitamin D 1000, as of 2015. LabDoor analyzed 51 fish-oil supplements in the United States, measuring total omega-3 content, EPA and DHA quantities, vitamin D and CLA amounts, methylmercury concentration and total oxidation values.

WHC UnoCardio 1000 + Vitamin D 1000, it was ranked the highest because one serving of this brand of fish oil measured 1146.2 milligrams omega-3 fatty acids, consisting of 642.7 milligrams EPA and 397.4 milligrams DHA. Also, EPA plus DHA content accounted for 81 percent of total fish-oil content, which was above the category average.

Seven analytical tests were performed on these 51 different fish-oil brands. Just one soft gel of WHC UnoCardio a day gives support for heart, brain and muscle function, vision, immune system and bone structure, states LabDoor. This supplement quickly raises omega-3 to a healthy level if taken consistently.

A number of factors influence the quality of a fish oil supplement. Strong stability measures are crucial since fish oil goes rancid easily. Contamination is another factor, states LabDoor. A high-quality fish oil does not exceed the limit of PCBs and mercury outlined by the U.S. Pharmacopeia, which sets standards for dietary supplements.