Is Go Fish Dating Safe?

Is Go Fish Dating Safe?

Although no online dating site can claim to be 100 percent safe, Go Fish has several policies and procedures in place to keep users as safe as possible. The site has a zero-tolerance policy for scammers, so they are immediately removed from the site when abuse is reported.

Since Go Fish is a free dating site, users do not have to worry about compromising the security of their credit cards or bank account. No financial information is ever entered.

Go Fish members can report potential scammers using the Report Abuse button on any user's profile. Once the report screen opens, the member should enter as much information as possible so that administrators can make an informed decision.

Go Fish helps keep scamming to a minimum by blocking IP addresses from several foreign countries and using state-of-the-art IP-filtering services. In addition, the service does not allow cutting and pasting when users send messages through Go Fish. Many scammers prefer to use cut and paste to send messages to hundreds of users quickly, so eliminating this feature keeps scammers from having easy access to dishonest messaging.

Online daters should always use caution when agreeing to meet other members in person. The first meeting should always take place in a safe, public place where other people are present.