What Is the First Step in CPR?


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The first step in CPR is to ensure that blood circulation is restored with chest compressions, according to Mayo Clinic. An individual should place the heel of the hand on the middle of the person's chest and press straight down, about 2 inches, doing this 100 times a minute.

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Following 30 chest compressions, if trained in CPR, the individual should start clearing the airway, explains Mayo Clinic, tilting the head and lifting the chin by gently pushing down on the forehead, and moving the chin toward the forehead. The individual should check for breathing and look at the chest for motion. If none, or the person is gasping, the individual should begin rescue breathing.

Rescue breathing, or mouth-to-mouth, is done by holding the nose closed with the fingers and covering the mouth of the victim with the mouth of the rescuer. Breathing into the mouth of the victim one time, ensuring that the chest rises, completes one repetition. If the chest rises, the individual should give the victim another rescue breath, then resume compressions. If the chest does not rise, attempting to open the airway again by tilting the head and lifting the chin may help. Only then should rescue breathing begin again. The individual should keep giving 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths to the victim until he begins to move or rescue personnel arrives.

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