What Are the First Signs of Prostate Cancer?


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Although experiencing initial signs of prostate cancer is unusual, some men may notice changes in their health, such as difficulty urinating, lower body pain and painful ejaculation, that can point to prostate cancer, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Other diseases can cause similar symptoms, so a checkup is necessary.

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If the cancer creates a blockage in the prostate, it may have developed to an advanced stage that presents symptoms such as swelling of the legs and feet, pain in the pelvic region, weakness, weight loss and constipation, explains WebMD. Chronic pain in the lower half of the body can indicate the metastasis of the cancer. Prostate cancer grows slowly, and older male patients with prostate cancer who have other health problems have a higher risk of dying from those other problems than from their prostate cancer, states the American Cancer Society.

The lack of early warning signs of prostate cancer may encourage high-risk individuals to undergo screenings, notes the American Cancer Society. Two tests are used to screen for prostate cancer: the prostate-specific antigen test and the digital rectal exam. Some patients experience problems with false negatives as a result of these exams, resulting in pain and bleeding. Although these screenings are not 100 percent accurate, the rate of prostate cancer death since their implementation has apparently dropped.

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