What Are Some of the First Signs of Liver Cancer?


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There may be no symptoms during the early stage of liver cancer, but signs that might appear in later stages include loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, swelling in the abdomen, liver enlargement, abdominal pain, itching, enlarged spleen, yellow eyes and skin and feeling full quickly. Visiting a doctor when a person first notices these symptoms may be helpful in treatment, as stated by ACS.

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What Are Some of the First Signs of Liver Cancer?
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In some cases, there may be other symptoms, including enlarged veins, fever and abnormal bleeding. There have four stages of cancer namely I, II, III and IV. At stage I, it is easier to manage liver cancer since only one tumor is usually in the liver. The fear of many people is the spread of the cancer to other nearby organs. Once the cancer has spread, it becomes complicated for the condition to be managed, as stated by Cleveland Clinic.

Liver cancer patients suffering from liver cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis are usually more affected than other patients with liver cancer only. Tumors may produce hormones that work on other body organs, as stated by ACS. This may lead to elevated cholesterol levels, enlarged breast, decreased blood sugar levels, high levels of calcium in the blood, increased count of red blood cells and shrinkage of testicles.

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