What Are the First Signs of Diabetes in Men?


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Early symptoms of diabetes do not typically vary by gender; however, men with diabetes sometimes experience urological problems and erectile dysfunction, or ED, explains Healthline. Other symptoms include frequent urination, thirst, increased appetite, fatigue and weight loss. However, early symptoms are sometimes so mild that they go undetected.

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Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the body becomes resistant to insulin, a hormone that helps carry sugar to the cells so that they can use them as energy. When the cells do not receive the proper amount of glucose from sugar, they become starved and hunger increases. This may also cause a feeling of extreme hunger even right after consuming food, explains About.com.

When blood sugar levels are abnormally high, the kidneys work extra hard to filter out the sugar by pulling fluids from other tissues to help excrete the sugar through urination. The excess urination also causes increased thirst and dry mouth, says About.com. Additionally, this inability to properly process sugar for energy is one of the many causes of fatigue associated with diabetes. Fluctuating blood sugar levels may affect the mood and cause a person to become irritable.

Headaches, itchy skin and frequent infections are other common sign of early diabetes, states About.com. It is advised to tell a doctor if experiencing the symptom of itchy skin. This may be caused by an infection or poor blood circulation.

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