What Are the First Signs of Acute MS?


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Vision problems are the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis, or MS, according to Healthline. Tingling and numbness are other common early signs of the disease, along with balance problems, weakness in a limb, clumsiness and thinking problems, asserts WebMD.

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Inflammation of the optic nerve is responsible for the vision problems that afflict those with MS, notes Healthline. Patients may experience blurred vision in one or both eyes, double vision and a decrease in contrast and brightness of colors. Numbness, one of the most common symptoms of MS, often manifests in the face, arms, legs and fingers.

Problems with balance and coordination often limit mobility in those with MS and may occur along with dizziness, states Healthline. Cognitive problems such as memory deficiencies, abbreviated attention span, language difficulties and problems with organization may occur. Depression and emotional health issues may also arise.

Symptoms of MS vary from one person to another, and patients may notice that particular symptoms come and go, reports WebMD. Fatigue that develops in the afternoon is a frequent symptom of MS. Frequent urination, urgent urination and difficulty emptying the bladder completely are other common symptoms. Painful muscle spasms, especially in the legs, are not unusual, and tremors may be present as well.

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