When Was the First Bionic Eye Developed?


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The first bionic eye implant, the Argus II, was developed in the late 2000s by Second Sight Medical Products of California. Clinic trials involving the device began in 2005, following more than two decades of research and development.

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The Argus II is the first bionic eye implant available to the general public. It was cleared for medical use in Europe in 2011, and was approved by the Food & Drug Administration in 2013.

The first successful bionic eye surgeries performed in the United States, outside of the Argus II clinical trials, occurred at the Kellog Eye Center of Michigan, in January of 2014. Two patients, Roger Pontz and Linda Schulte, received the surgery that same month.

Some of the earliest surgeries involving the device were performed in London in 2008 during the clinical trial period, by surgeon Lyndon da Cruz.

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