What Are Some Finger and Hand Exercises to Prevent Carpal Tunnel?


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Some exercises that can be used to prevent carpal tunnel include the prayer stretch, the wrist flexor stretch and the wrist extensor stretch, explains WebMD. Using a wrist splint at night, avoiding activities that irritate the wrists and eating a good diet also help to prevent carpal tunnel.

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To do the prayer stretch for carpal tunnel, individuals should hold the palms together just under the chin, according to WebMD. The hands, remaining together, should be slowly brought down towards the floor until the person feels a stretch under the forearms.

In order to do the wrist flexor stretch, an individual should extend an arm in front of the body with the palm up, claims WebMD. The wrist should be bent with the hand towards the floor. With the opposite hand, the person should bend the wrist towards the body until feeling a stretch. The wrist extensor stretch should be done in the same way as the wrist flexor stretch, except the individual should put the palm down, instead of up. All of these stretches should be held for 15 to 30 seconds and done a few times a day for best results. Those doing these stretches should be sure only to use a mild to moderate stretch when using them.

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