How Do You Fill Out a Nursing Home Application?


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To fill out a nursing home application, complete all required documentation with any relevant information for which the application asks, including patient history. To complete the application, turn in the documentation and any additional prerequisite information the home requires, such as a Medicaid application, a social worker assessment, an income assessment or proof of veteran benefits, if the person is a veteran or a veteran's spouse. Because the admissions process varies, work with the home's admissions coordinators to ensure completion.

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Contact your county's Department of Family Services program to obtain an application for Medicaid. The application requires proof of income and proof of resources. Once the completed application is turned in, reviewed and approved, a social worker and a public health nurse are assigned to the applicant.

The social worker or public health nurse visit the home of the applicant to determine his health, nutrition and medication schedule. The person who has the power of attorney over the applicant follows the assessment and signs multiple documents during the visit. Be prepared to answer questions about bathing, feeding or restroom visits. If the applicant requires a lot of assistance for everyday tasks, Medicaid covers the cost of an approved home.

If the social worker assesses that the applicant is not in need of a nursing home placement, Medicaid declines the application. Occasionally, Medicaid covers some of the cost of a home under specific conditions. However, many people pay the cost out of pocket. Alternately, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program offers counselling to determine ways to pay for such a large expense. For those who do not need Medicaid or assistance, the application process depends largely on the home chosen.

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