How Do You Fill Out a Kaiser Advanced Directive Form?


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When you fill out an advanced directive form, specify the type of treatment you would like to receive if you become ill or injured, reports Kaiser Permanente. Designate a trusted health care agent who can make health care decisions for you when you are unable to make them for yourself. Have others witness the form according to your local state law, and give copies to your doctor, lawyer, health care agent and relatives.

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On an advanced directive form, specify treatments for serious illnesses, such as whether you want doctors to put you on a breathing machine if your lungs don't work, use cardiopulmonary resuscitation if your heart stops, feed you intravenously if you can't eat or put you on dialysis if your kidneys fail, as Kaiser Permanente instructs. State whether you would like to spend your dying days at home or in a hospital. If you choose, offer to donate your organs. Stipulate any religious rites you want people to perform when you are dying or dead. If these issues are difficult to deal with on your own, get help from your family, friends and doctor.

Obtain advanced directive forms, such as living wills and medical powers of attorney, from state government offices, law firms, hospitals, doctor's offices or senior centers, advises Kaiser Permanente. You can also find them online. Some states have online registries where you can store completed advanced directive forms so that health care professionals can quickly retrieve them. Although each state has its own advanced directive form, doctors generally comply with any form even if it is from another state. Any time you are dissatisfied with your current form, cancel it and create a new form.

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