How Do You Fill Out a Health Assessment Form?


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Health assessment forms provide clear instructions about the information that is being requested, which usually include a name and address, medical conditions, dates of medical care and family history, according to the California Department of Health Care Services. The form is likely to ask about at-risk behaviors as well.

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It is important to fill out the form completely, providing all requested details, and being honest about the medical and health-related questions, notes California DHCS. Health assessment forms are used by medical doctors, therapists, insurance providers and employers. They are questionnaires designed to give the assessor a better understanding of your overall health condition. This is especially important for medical doctors, so that they can properly treat a person for new or additional ailments.

Fill out the form with your personal details as requested, instructs California DHCS. Include the date. A list of medical conditions and illnesses is provided; check Yes if you are currently experiencing issues with the condition or if you have had trouble with the condition in the past. Check No if you have never been affected. Expect to answer questions about your family history, including information about your mother, father, siblings and children. Questions about at-risk behavior may include whether or not you take drugs, drink alcohol, use nicotine products, or have multiple sex partners.

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