How Do You Fill Out a Fourth Step Inventory Form?


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To fill out a fourth step inventory form, list a resentment in the left column alongside the cause of the resentment in the center column, according to Alcoholics Anonymous. In the far right column, write about how the resentment affects your life.

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In the resentment column of the inventory form, write the name or title of a person, such as "my boss" or "my wife Mary," as Alcoholics Anonymous instructs. Depending on the situation, the center column may have one cause or many, and each cause is directly attributed to the person in the resentment column. When filling out the causes, Alcoholics Anonymous advises remaining honest and thorough to get the most benefit from the exercise.

When making an inventory, The Steps Foundation asserts that it is helpful to list all of your resentments before moving on to the causes and impacts. When moving on to the causes column, write short but specific phrases to explain your feelings of resentment. In the third column, consider how the resentment affects each of the seven parts of the self, and make a note for each impact. The Steps Foundation suggests writing a short prayer at the top of the inventory form to help guide the process.

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