How Do You Fill Out the Berg Balance Test Form?


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To complete a Berg balance test, patients perform 14 movement- and balance-related activities and receive a score of 0-4 on each task, according to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The point of the test is to measure the fall risk of the elderly and those recovering from certain conditions, such as stroke.

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The total possible score a person can achieve on the Berg balance test is a 56 and it takes 15-20 minutes to complete, notes the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Some of the equipment the test requires include a stop watch, a chair with arm rests and a measuring tape. It also requires a step stool. People who require a balance assessment include those recovering from a brain injury, multiple sclerosis or a spinal cord injury. Researchers find that performance decreases on the test as age increases.

One study finds that the Berg balance scale is one of the most common tools physical therapists use to assess stroke patients during rehabilitation, reports the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association. This study shows that the Berg balance scale is an appropriate assessment of balance impairment in stroke victims. Physical therapists may want to combine the Berg balance test with other balance tests.

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