How Do You File an Elder Care Abuse Claim?

How Do You File an Elder Care Abuse Claim?

To file an elder care abuse claim, report to a local police station, call an elder care abuse hotline or file the report online. Elder abuse and neglect affects an estimated 1.2 million people in the United States each year, notes the Nursing Home Abuse Guide.

The legal authority mandated by the government to deal with issues of elder abuse is called Adult Protective Services (APS), notes FindLaw. However, many organizations and government bodies may take up the matter as deemed fit. To report an elder care abuse claim, do the following:

  1. Determine a suitable authority
  2. Consider the options available for reporting and pick one. Some of the options available include hotlines or physical offices of local authority departments dealing with adult affairs. Reporting online may equally be convenient and a quick way to find help.

  3. Give details of the affected individual
  4. When making a report, the name of the affected individual must be disclosed. The location of the incident and nature of abuse should also be disclosed. Providing contact information, specific times and dates may also be quite helpful.

  5. Screening of complaints
  6. After complaints have been filed, the APS or any authority involved sifts through the multiple reports to determine authenticity. Once the report goes through the screening stage, the authority involved initiates investigations into the matter.

  7. Prosecution of offenders
  8. If investigations confirm the claims that were filed, the authority will take legal steps to ensure prosecution of the offenders and justice for the victim.