What Is the Figure Plan by Almased?


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The Figure Plan by Almased is a 14-day weight loss program containing four phases. There is a nutritional plan for each individual day and the plan in general offers delicious, healthy and slimming recipes.

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The first phase of the Figure Plan by Almased is called the Initial phase. This phase, which lasts from the first to the third day, helps the body's system to reset. Three Almased-approved meals are allowed per day, however all other foods, besides vegetable broth, should be avoided. It is important in this phase to drink 2 to 3 liters of fluid per day, and the ideal starting time for this phase is the weekend.

The second phase, also known as the Reduction phase, takes place during days four through seven. Two Almased meals are eaten per day here at breakfast and dinner. A low-carbohydrate meal should also be added in once a day, but snacks are to be avoided. The Stability phase, taking place on days eight through ten, allows for two standard meals plus one Almased meal per day.

Finally, days 11 through 14 make up the Living Days phase where three delicious meals plus one Almased nutrition drink can be enjoyed per day. Weight loss should continue throughout all four phases. For greater weight loss, the Reduction phase and Stability phase can be extended.

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