How Do You Figure Out Your Daily Point Allowance for Weight Watchers?

To determine your Weight Watchers daily point allowance, purchase a Weight Watchers program and provide your height, weight, gender and age. Weight Watchers plugs this information into a formula and calculates the number of your daily points.

There are several different types of Weight Watchers programs available, but each program uses the same formula to calculate your daily point allowance and the point values of food. Food points are calculated using fat, fiber, carbohydrates and protein. Whichever program you choose, and however your weight loss is being tracked, you must update it regularly. The more weight lost, the fewer daily points allowed.

Daily point allowances are not absolute. Weight Watchers assigns points to physical activities, and these points can either be used in the same day they are earned or saved for later in the week. There is also a set amount of extra weekly points. You are not required to use them; if you choose to do so, then these points can be used at any time throughout the week and in any increment. For example, you can have one large meal and use all of your extra weekly points at once, or you can distribute them equally throughout the week.