What Is Fibro Fog?


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Fibro fog is when a patient suffering from fibromyalgia experiences an inability to concentrate and a loss of energy, states WebMD. It is believed that fibromyalgia is related to chronic fatigue syndrome, which is when a person becomes continuously and overwhelmingly fatigued throughout the day.

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Fibro fog can be debilitating on bad days. On good days, it may be possible to manage the fatigue by taking naps throughout the day. When symptoms flare worse than usual, numerous naps throughout the day may not be able to cure the fatigue and lack of energy associated with fibro fog, according to WebMD.

Because fibro fog can occur suddenly and without warning, it may be necessary to avoid making too many commitments when possible, as it may be necessary to cancel, notes WebMD. Most experts agree that it is also important to make sure that family, friends and other loved ones are aware of the condition, and that they understand the symptoms.

When coping with fibro fog in a professional setting, it is necessary to plan ahead. Speaking to the employer about resting throughout the day may be necessary, states WebMD. Time management should also be considered, as it may take longer than usual to complete tasks. A physician may be able to prescribe medications to reduce the symptoms of fibro fog.

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