Does Fenugreek Have Any Benefits?


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Fenugreek is used to treat conditions related to the heart, digestive system and the kidneys, according to WebMD. There is not enough scientific evidence to prove that fenugreek has any definite health benefits, as of 2015.

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Some people take fenugreek to treat a loss of appetite, inflammation of the stomach, upset stomach and constipation, notes WebMD. Some people take it for health problems associated with the heart, such as hardening of the arteries and high cholesterol or triglyceride levels. Some people take fenugreek to treat cullulitis, which is when tissues beneath the skin become infected. It is also taken to combat cancer, baldness, chronic coughing and chapped lips.

Some people may take fenugreek to treat boils, mouth ulcers, tuberculosis or a vitamin deficiency disease called beriberi, states WebMD. People with diabetes may take fenugreek to reduce blood sugar levels. Some men may take fenugreek to treat erectile dysfunction. Nursing women may take fenugreek to increase the flow of milk.

Warm fenugreek may be wrapped in cloth and applied to the skin topically to treat swelling, pain, wounds and some skin problems, according to WebMD. Research suggests that fenugreek stimulates insulin and slows sugar absorption in the stomach. Studies suggest that fenugreek may boost athletic performance.

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