What Is Feminize Me Hypnosis?


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Feminize Me hypnosis is a form of hypnosis created to assist in the transitioning of the transgender process from male to female, according to Hiphypno.com. The hypnosis aims to condition the individual subconscious to behave more like a woman. It is intended to break down and eliminate fears and long term emotional obstacles leading the individual to their feminine nature.

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Feminize Me hypnosis, also known as gender therapy, is used to feminize the core identity of a person and end the conflict inside between male and female, states Cheetu.com. This therapy is practiced to stabilize and feminize twin gender issues. Downloadable self hypnosis audio and an e-book can be purchased on this site allowing the user privacy while undergoing feminization hypnotherapy.

Cross-dressers also use the therapy Feminize Me, explains FemmeHypnosis.com. It is considered a powerful tool used to feel like a woman from the inside out, whether or not that person is transitioning. Feminization therapy helps rid the individual of subconscious masculine habits and improves social life and emotional well being. It is practiced to help an individual become more natural and skilled in demonstrating femininity, release doubts about expressing oneself as a woman and feel more comfortable about self expression.

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