What Is Feminine Itching?


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Feminine itching is when an irritant or infection causes itching around the vagina and the surrounding area, according to Healthline. Vaginal itching can also be caused by menopause or vulvar cancer. A healthy diet and good hygiene can help prevent vaginal itching.

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Vaginal itching is sometimes caused by skin diseases such as eczema, yeast infections, vaginitis, trichomoniasis or stress, states Healthline. Patients should seek medical help when vaginal itching is accompanied by ulcers or blisters on the vulva, difficulties with urination, unusual vaginal discharge, or if symptoms last over one week. Preventative measures for vaginal itching include avoiding feminine hygiene products, scented soaps, lotions and bubble baths. It is also important to change out of damp clothing after exercising or swimming and to wear cotton underwear.

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