What Is the Female Copulatory Organ?

Healthline states that the organ used for sexual intercourse in females is the vagina. Dictionary.com states that something that is copulatory is something that is used to engage in sexual intercourse.

Dictionary.com also states that copulatory can mean that something is joined or connected. Healthline states that the external reproductive system of a female is collectively called the vulva. Within the vulva, the vagina is a tube approximately three inches long. During sexual intercourse, a man inserts his penis here.

The vaginal opening can be seen from the outside, but the labia protects it when a woman is standing and during the majority of activities. The labia majora is composed of two folds of skin existing from the vaginal opening to the end of it. Between each fold of the labia majora, is the labia minora. The labia minora are two folds of skin that exist from the clitoris to the vaginal opening. Both parts of the labia minora are joined by the fourchette. The clitoris is a sexual organ that appears at the top of vagina between the labia minora and looks like a small, pink button from the outside. During sexual stimulation, the clitoris can become erect. When this happens, the clitoris is a very sensitive area.