What Is the Feldenkrais Method for Better Posture?


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The Feldenkrais Method is a practice dedicated to human movement. The method uses learning techniques, movement and sensing to help practitioners understand their bodies and therefore find the best ways for them to function. This method can not only improve posture but also alleviate various physical ailments.

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The Feldenkrais Method combines the psychological and physical. Its website claims there are biological and cultural aspects of movement, learning and posture, and the method seeks to re-evaluate long-held, deep-set ways of using one's body. The Feldenkrais Method Institute states that a person's upbringing and medical history (including illnesses and injuries) influences the way he moves or holds the body. When these ways are repeated over and over for years or decades, they are deeply embedded in the nervous system. The person may not even be aware that he is not moving or behaving to his fullest potential, or that his habits are detrimental.

The Feldenkrais Method guides students through movement exercises that are new and gentle. The goal is not to burn calories or build muscle, but to unlock new ways of pleasant, enjoyable movement. The students are essentially relearning how their bodies work holistically, and can then create new movement and behavioral patterns to enhance their physical and emotional health.

The Feldenkrais Method has been recognized for its ability to improve posture, coordination, flexibility, and athletic and artistic ability. It also helps those with restricted movement, chronic pain and tension.

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