What Does It Feel Like to Be Shot?


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Getting shot feels like getting hit with a sledgehammer to some people, according to a testimony recorded by Business Insider. This can often be followed by a lack of control over bodily functions and a feeling of warmth from the blood.

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While to some a gunshot feels like getting hit with a sledgehammer, to others it does not feel like anything at all, explains Huffington Post. Shooting adrenaline can pad the initial pain from a gunshot, although this eventually goes away, and the pain returns with a vengeance. A lot of the pain of this type of wound is in the healing of the injury. For instance, some people report feeling the vibrations of everything in the injured area.

Gunshot wounds needs to be treated immediately by medical professionals, so it is important to call 911, advises About.com. The first task of a responder is to get the bleeding under control, unless the victim isn't breathing, in which case CPR needs to be started. If the wound is to the chest, the responder needs to place plastic over it to keep air from entering and collapsing a lung. The legs of the victim should never be elevated, as it can increase instead of diminish the bleeding. The damage that a bullet can do to a human body varies depending on the location of the wound, the speed of the bullet and the size of the bullet.

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