What Are the Features of Weight Watchers Bathroom Scales?


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The features of a Weight Watchers bathroom scale include the option to display weight in pounds or kilograms and the ability to measure bone mass, body water, body fat and body mass index. The scales can also store profiles for multiple users. Weight Watchers sells different versions of its bathroom scales, and there are slight variations among them. For example, some scales can store profiles for four users, while others provide space for up to 10 user profiles.

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Amazon.com, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are among the retailers that sell Weight Watchers bathroom scales. Reviews of the scales are mixed, with some users claiming that the scale provides inconsistent measurements.

Weight Watchers International is a company that offers products and services to individuals who want to lose weight. Aside from bathroom scales, Weight Watchers sells packaged food and exercise equipment. The company hosts support group meetings and provides meal plans and online tracking tools. Although the meal plans and guidelines have evolved over the years, the company's intention has always been to promote weight loss through healthy eating and exercise.

Jean Nidetch founded Weight Watchers in Queens, New York, in 1963. As of 2015, the company has a presence in 30 countries.

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