What Are Some Features of the TOPS Club Weight Loss Program?

What Are Some Features of the TOPS Club Weight Loss Program?

Features of the TOPS Club weight loss program include weekly meetings, flexible nutritional guidelines, and weight loss tools, including a book, magazine, online resources and booklets for tracking progress. A meeting finder and an online membership application are available at TOPS.org, as of July 2015.

Weekly meetings usually last for an hour or less. A person is allowed to attend his first meeting free of charge. Each person weighs in privately at the beginning of the meeting. Then, each person has the option of sharing his challenges, successes or goals with the group. The group goes over a health-related program provided by TOPS.

Towards the end of the meeting, members who have reached goals or lost the most weight receive awards. Each meeting ends with a weekly idea. If a person can't find a meeting in his area, he can create one himself as long as he has at least four people.

TOPS recommends two eating plans, the Food Exchange System and MyPlate. It provides information on both programs, but members aren't required to follow a specific program.

Many of the weight loss tools TOPS provides are included with a membership at no additional charge. Other tools, such as the book, "Real Life: The Hands-on Pounds-off Guide," are available for members at a discount.