What Are Features of the Solo V2 Glucose Meter?


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Features of the Solo V2 glucose monitor include two languages, English and Spanish, as well as storage for up to 500 audible test results, according to Independent Living Aids. The monitor is fully audible, and results are spoken aloud in six seconds after taking a blood sample.

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The Solo V2 glucose monitor has a large display and needs only a small sample of blood for results, notes Independent Living Aids. The machine explains to the user out loud all setup steps, the audible meter status, memory records and audible averages. A user can also press the repeat button to listen to the last test result or message again. Other features of the monitor include alarms for test reminders, the ability to download test results to a computer and a variety of test averages over time.

Most glucose meters require an individual to insert a test strip into the machine and prick a finger with a special needle to get a sample of blood, explains Mayo Clinic. To get a reading, the user then touches the test strip with his blood and waits for the results. Special features, such as the audio in the Solo V2 glucose monitor, may be useful for people with impaired vision. Glucose meters need to be used and stored properly for maintaining accuracy.

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