What Are Some Features of Robin Anthony's Detox Trio Program?


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Robin Anthony's Detox Trio program features three supplements aimed to rid the body of parasites. Parasite Blend kills the parasite. Detox Tea removes any toxic residue left over from the parasite. The Renu Herbs Colon Cleanse helps to expel both dead parasites and their residue from the body.

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Take Parasite Blend and Detox Tea daily for three weeks, followed by a rest week, for three to four months. Mix half of the provided dropper's worth of each supplement in a separate glass of water and drink before eating.

Take the Renu Herbs Colon Cleanse three to four times each week. Begin with two to three capsules before an evening meal. Elimination should occur by noon the next day. If not, increase to four to five capsules; do not take more than six capsules at a time. While taking Colon Cleanse, drink plenty of water to avoid stomach cramps.

The most common symptoms of parasite infestation are craving sugar, severe itching and fatigue. Gas, bloating, constipation and problems remembering are also side effects of parasites. People can contract them through animal fecal matter, tainted food and bodily fluids. Eliminating parasites with Robin Anthony's Detox Trio program improves energy, reinvigorates skin and jumpstarts weight loss.

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