What Are Some Features of the Liberté Coronary Stent System?


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The Liberté coronary stent system includes a stent, a deflated balloon and a stent delivery catheter, notes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The stent attaches to the balloon, which connects to the stent delivery catheter.

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Doctors use the Liberté coronary stent system in patients who have narrow blood vessels due to atherosclerosis, notes the FDA. With the balloon at the tip, a doctor enters the catheter into a blood vessel in the groin or arm to open the narrowed part of the coronary artery. The doctor then removes both the catheter and the balloon and inserts the stent with another balloon in the same blood vessel. The balloon is inflated, extending the stent to the size of the coronary artery. This allows blood to flow to the heart. The doctor leaves the stent in the artery and removes the balloon.

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