What Are Some Features of Beltone Hearing Aids?


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Beltone hearing aids feature different product options such as Beltone Legend, Beltone First, and Beltone Bold. Beltone hearing aids provide ease of use and comfort, and are small in size. The various options of Beltone hearing aids allow customers to select according to their individual needs.

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Beltone hearing aids use advanced methods of sound compression that provide a natural hearing experience. They also provide superior sound quality and use digital signal processing to program for specific needs. Beltone hearing technology enables the hearing aids to pick up speech sounds in the presence of background noise. Beltone hearing aids amplify soft sounds and control louder ones in order to avoid discomfort.

Beltone hearing aids with two microphones allow proper identification of sounds coming from different directions. The Beltone Feedback Management system automatically analyzes ambient sound and adjusts the amplification to the user's comfortable level. It also prevents squealing and production of echoes. Beltone provides options for hearing aids having multiple programs that are suited for different types of situations. Hearing aids with volume control are also available.

The Beltone Legend hearing aids use Personal Sound ID, Smart Gain Pro and Crosslink Directionality, which enhances the sound quality with intelligence. Beltone First hearing aids feature wireless communication and allow seamless connectivity with smartphones.

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