What Are the Features of an Arm Lipoma?


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Arm lipomas are lumps individuals can feel under the skin and range from 0.4 to 1.2 inches in size, according to WebMD. They have a rubbery feel to the touch, and individuals can move them around with gentle pressure. They are typically not painful and stay the same size or grow extremely slowly. Arm lipomas most often appear on the upper arms and armpits. Lipomas also appear on other parts of the body, including the neck, torso and upper thighs.

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Lipomas are generally harmless and require no treatment, though doctors can remove them through outpatient surgery in most cases if the growths are unsightly or become infected. Doctors may also recommend removal to test for the presence of cancerous cells, but doctors can often determine whether the growth is cancerous based on its appearance. The doctor can also diagnose a lipoma with an ultrasound or other imaging test. In cases where the location prohibits a basic incision to reach the lump, removal requires more invasive surgery and general anesthesia, explains WebMD.

Lipomas form when a group of noncancerous fat cells grow in a clump just beneath the skin. An individual can develop more than one lipoma at a time, and this is more likely in men, although both men and women are equally likely to develop any growths, states WebMD. The likelihood of developing lipomas is inheritable, and most lipomas develop in middle-aged adults.

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