What Is the Fear of Pumpkins Called?

The fear of pumpkins is called cucurbitophobia and not much is known about the phobia, reports the University of Wisconsin and Psychology Today. Most phobias, including cucurbitophobia, are treated through desensitization, flooding, biofeedback and graded exposures therapies, reports Psychology Today.

There are also a number of phobia treatment clinics as well as phobia support groups for people who are struggling with a phobia, notes WebMD. While there are not any phobia treatment centers dedicated specifically to the phobia of pumpkins, most people who have one phobia have other phobias and benefit from a thorough treatment center. They also benefit from watching other people deal with similar situations.

In some cases, doctors and psychiatrists may prescribe medication to help with the phobia. Usually this medication helps to calm a patient down and alleviate some of their inner turmoil, stress, anxiety and nerves, states WebMD. In most cases, doctors will also spend time exposing the patient to pumpkins slowly and during a period of time in order to help them feel safe around pumpkins. Most people who have the phobia of pumpkins tend to be small children and the phobia lessens as the child ages, notes Child Mind Institute. These children tend to have what is known as a "specific phobia," such as loud noises, dogs, clowns or blood.