What Is the Fear of Horses Called - Felophobia, Hippophobia or Equiphobia?

fear-horses-called-felophobia-hippophobia-equiphobia Credit: Rosanna Bell/MOment/Getty Images

Of the terms felophobia, hippophobia and equiphobia, hippophobia is the word used to describe the fear of horses. "Hippos" is the "Greek word for horse, and "-phobia" as a suffix means "a fear of."

Another word for hippophobia is equinophobia. "Equine" originates from the Latin term for horse. Though both are acceptable terms for describing fear of horses, equinophobia is more commonly used while hippophobia is superior linguistically. Felophobia and equiphobia aren't standard words in the English language.

People who suffer from hippophobia are afraid to come close to horses regardless of how tame the horses are and suffer anxiety when approaching a horse. This exaggerated fear often begins when the person is young and results from an unpleasant encounter with a horse, such as falling off while riding, being bitten by a horse or being around a wild horse.