What Is the Fear of Cotton Balls Called?

fear-cotton-balls-called Credit: DreamPictures/Blend Images/Getty Images

The fear of cotton balls is named sidonglobophobia, or less commonly called bambakophobia. Individuals suffering from sidonglobophobia only possess an irrational fear of cotton balls, specifically touching them, but not cotton in any other form, such as a t-shirt.

Aside from texture, the sound cotton balls make when rubbed together is also a source of great distress for sufferers. Sidonglobophobia is a phobia, as opposed to a typical fear, because it is irrational and the fear can become all-consuming, completely interrupting a person's activities. The cause of sidonglobophobia, like many other phobias, is unknown. Just seeing cotton balls is enough to make a sufferer feel uneasy and anxious.