How Do Fat Burning Foods Work?

Foods that are considered fat-burners are those that have a high thermic effect on the body. The thermogenesis process increases metabolism and increases the rate in which the body burns calories.

Metabolism determines the rate at which the human body burns calories. When metabolism increases, the body burns more calories. In addition to movement and exercise, the body burns some calories simply by digesting, absorbing and storing the nutrients from the consumed foods. Foods that have a higher thermic effect are those that take more energy to complete the process of digestion and absorption, therefore increasing metabolism and burning fat.

Many factors influence the effect of these fat-burning foods. Some factors are controllable: meal size, frequency and composition. Other factors are not controllable, such as the age, gender and hormone levels of the person consuming the foods. Meal size plays an important role in the thermic effect of food. The more calories a person consumes, the more energy the body needs to process those foods.

Modifying eating habits to incorporate more foods that burn fat is only one part of a process to lose or maintain a healthy weight. A healthy, well-rounded diet should be combined with exercise to achieve optimum results.