What Is a Fat-Burning Belt?


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A fat-burning belt is a weight-loss device that wraps around the midsection, producing short electrical pulses that cause the abdominal muscles to contract and raise body temperature, increasing the amount of calories burned. By focusing on the stomach muscles, the belt is believed to target belly fat specifically and stimulate increased weight loss from the waist.

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While spot reduction is a myth, the fat-burning belt is not a scam; customer feedback reports that the core muscles get stronger after wearing the belt, with the bonus side effect of treating or preventing back injuries. And the neoprene fat-burning belt causes people to sweat more while exercising, theoretically increasing the intensity of the workout. However, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise differentiates between sweating and burning fat, pointing out that the two are not synonymous. WeightTraining.com offers a more hopeful verdict, since the support and focus on the abdominal muscles strengthens the core muscles at the very least.

Most fat-burning belts are not approved by the FDA because they can be dangerous at higher intensities. For weight loss, the USDA suggests eating a more balanced diet and reducing portion sizes as well as incorporating 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five days a week. The combination of these efforts is a more reliable way to force the body to burn fat.

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