What Are the Best Fat Burners?


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According to Men's Fitness, the best fat burners are certain natural foods and particular supplements. It is important to have overall fitness goals in mind before picking the supplement that best complements those fitness goals.

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Men's Fitness recommends L-carnitine as a supplement for burning fat. The site claims that taking between 500 to 3,000 milligrams of the supplement before a workout can transport fat into an energy boost to further assist with burning fat. The stress hormone cortisol helps store fat, and supplements like phosphatidylserine help to block secretion of the hormone, making fat burning more efficient. Men's Fitness notes that green tea can serve as a boost to metabolism, which also helps to burn fat.

Men's Fitness points out that certain natural foods can serve as fat burners. Grapefruit helps to regulate insulin levels, aiding in keeping fat storage minimal. Pears are full of fiber and can help a person feel more full for longer periods of time. This helps him to burn fat by discouraging overeating. According to Men's Fitness, even dark chocolate can serve as a fat burner due to its high antioxidant level that helps to prevent the building up of fat cells in the body.

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