What Is the Fastest Way to Remove Warts?

The fastest way to remove warts is to surgically cut them out, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. If the patient does not opt for surgery, then she can opt for the wart to be burned off with electricity or lasers.

Warts are also painted with acid or frozen and destroyed by liquid nitrogen, says the AAD. Other ways to get rid of warts fairly quickly is to use a topical cream or an oral medication. In another treatment, a dermatologist injects the wart with medication that stimulates the body's immune system, which then destroys the wart. Some doctors inject the wart with bleomycin, which is used to treat cancer, claims LiveScience. However, patients find this treatment painful, and it has side effects. Some patients cover their warts with duct tape, which is said to remove the wart one layer at a time over days.

A patient should confer with her doctor before she attempts to remove what she believes is a wart, according to LiveScience. Also, while the wart is being treated, she should be careful not to scratch or pick at it. The wart is caused by a virus, and disturbing it sheds the virus and causes more warts to grow.