What Is the Fastest Way to Reduce Elevated GGT Levels?

Following a healthy diet and consuming herbs such as milk thistle are the fastest, healthiest ways to reduce elevated GGT levels in the liver says the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation. High GGT levels are associated with all forms of liver disease, suggests Mayo Medical Laboratories.

GGT level is the most sensitive indicator of liver disease. GGT levels can be high in patients who consume a lot of alcohol and red meat, but doctors find the highest levels to be present in biliary obstruction, Mayo Medical Laboratories says. For the most part, however, GGT levels function as a warning sign for people who may end up contracting liver disease or alcoholic cirrhosis.

The best and quickest way to lower GGT levels is to make a lifestyle change, says the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation. Eating tree nuts, beans, lean meat, and fruits and vegetables is preferable to eating red meat. While low amounts of alcohol may be permissible for people with diabetes, most people with high GGT levels should avoid consuming it at all.

The herb milk thistle contains an antioxidant that works well in the liver, notes the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation. This antioxidant, silymarin, reduces hemoglobin and inflammation in the liver. The cooking spice Curcuma longa may also help to lower inflammation in the liver.