What Is the Fastest Way to Gain Weight?


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Healthy ways to gain weight quickly include consuming plenty of calories, eating often, eating before bed and eating a variety of foods. Some people tend to eat pounds of junk food with the intention of gaining weight, but this is not the right way to attain a healthy weight gain. Eating unhealthily with the intention of gaining weight may lead to obesity.

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What Is the Fastest Way to Gain Weight?
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Focusing on calories is necessary for gaining weight, but people should still pay attention to good nutrition. Gaining weight in a healthy manner requires eating foods with high-calorie content and nutrients. Reducing the consumption of sugars, fats and empty calories is helpful.

Eating at least every four hours each day is important to ensure a constant supply of energy to the body. Skipping meals will make the body use the energy in the muscles. Eating often and choosing the right foods can help a person gain up to one pound every week, as stated by WebMD.

Many activities in the body take place when sleeping. Therefore, eating healthy foods before retiring to bed ensures a supply of nutrients and energy for the activities in the body, as noted by Shape Magazine. Combining several food groups in a meal is also helpful in providing the body with a variety of nutrients.

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