What Is the Fastest Way to Cure Laryngitis?


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If a person suffering from laryngitis absolutely must use his voice, doctors sometimes prescribe corticosteroids, according to Mayo Clinic. These medications help to reduce inflammation; however, most of the time, patients do best with self-care, including avoiding overuse of the voice, using a vaporizer and avoiding irritants, such as smoke.

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What Is the Fastest Way to Cure Laryngitis?
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Laryngitis is sometimes due to overuse of the voice, according to KidsHealth. People who attend sporting events and yell to cheer for their team awake the next day to find they are hoarse or have lost their voice. While it may be tempting for the laryngitis sufferer to yell more so others are able to hear him, doing so further irritates the vocal cords and causes more swelling. It is best to speak softly while avoiding whispering.

MedlinePlus recommends using a vaporizer for laryngitis. Adding moisture to the air helps to relieve the scratchy feeling caused by the condition. Pain medications are sometimes helpful if the condition is causing discomfort.

WebMD recommends not smoking when suffering from laryngitis as well as staying away from secondhand smoke to limit the irritation to the vocal cords. If the individual suffers more severe symptoms than with common laryngitis or the condition doesn't improve within a couple of weeks, he should schedule an appointment with his doctor.

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