What Is the Fastest Way to Bring Down Puffy Upper Eyelids?


Identifying and treating the underlying problem is the best solution for puffy eyes, says AllAboutVision.com. Temporary solutions that can help reduce puffiness around the eyes include limiting salt in the diet, using eye drops, applying ice compresses, eating potassium-rich foods and getting enough rest. People with puffy eyes due to genetics can learn to accept the look or consider cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic procedures that can help reduce puffy eyes include blepharoplasty, laser skin resurfacing procedures, chemical peels and certain cosmeceuticals, says AllAboutVision.com. The common home remedy for this condition is the use of hemorrhoid ointments and creams to lessen the puffiness. This constricts the blood vessels under the skin and helps to reduce fluid leakage in the vessels, minimizing the puffiness, but getting hemorrhoid preparations in the eye can cause severe inflammation.

Swollen or puffy eyes occur due to the presence of edema in the connective tissues of the eyelids, says MedicineNet. Swelling can occur due to an infection, trauma or injuries to the eye area. Allergic reactions are one of the common causes of puffiness in the eyelids. Puffy eyes tend to occur in the morning in some people because the eyes do not blink while sleeping, states AllAaboutVision.com. This kind of puffiness clears up after about an hour. Other possible causes of puffiness include aging, crying, stress, dehydration and sinus problems.