What Are Fast Treatments for a Hornet Sting


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Fast treatments for a hornet sting include removing the stinger, applying ice, taking pain relief medicine, applying a topical cream, and taking an antihistamine, according to Mayo Clinic. If the affected individual is allergic to hornet stings, epinephrine should be injected immediately.

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What Are Fast Treatments for a Hornet Sting
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Scraping the area with a finger or using tweezers aids in removal of the stinger, according to WebMD. The stinger should not be squeezed during removal, as doing so may release additional venom. Applying an ice pack and elevating the affected area controls swelling.

Taking a pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, relieves the pain of the sting, according to Mayo Clinic. Applying a topical cream helps ease pain and brings relief from itching. Taking an antihistamine containing diphenhydramine or chlorpheniramine maleate further soothes itchiness.

It can take two to five days for the area of the sting to heal, according to WebMD. Keeping the affected area clean minimizes the risk of infection.

Contact the doctor if allergic reactions occur, according to Mayo Clinic. If severe reactions occur, contact 911 or emergency medical assistance promptly. Severe reactions include lightheadedness, hives, nausea, difficulty breathing and rapid heartbeat. If the individual has anaphylaxis, obtain emergency care and inject epinephrine immediately, according to WebMD.

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