How Fast Is a Tooth Implant Procedure?


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The complete procedure for the placement of dental implants can take from three months to six months or longer, states the Atlantic Center for Oral Surgery. The process for installing dental implants requires at least two surgical procedures, with a required period of time between the procedures.

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How Fast Is a Tooth Implant Procedure?
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Before any surgical procedures, a patient needs to establish an individualized treatment plan in consultation with a team of oral surgeons and restorative dentistry experts, according to WebMD. After such a plan has been agreed upon, the tooth implant, a titanium post, is located in the bone socket of the missing tooth. After this procedure, the jaw bone needs to heal and, as is it grows around the implanted titanium post, bond with and anchor it. This healing and bonding period takes up most of the time needed to place a tooth implant securely. The second procedure is a two-step process that involves screwing a connector post into the root implant, followed by affixing a crown to the abutment.

Patients often wear temporary dentures or bridges during the healing and bonding time, claims the Mayo Clinic. However, implants are preferable in the long run because they are better for oral health and more convenient, according to WebMD.

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