How Do You Fast Safely?


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The best approach for safe fasting is to ensure that the body is properly hydrated before and during the fast and well-rested throughout the fast. Advanced planning is necessary to properly prepare the body for a fast.

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In preparation for a fast, the body should be slowly weaned off of any regularly used caffeine products before beginning the fast in order to avoid distracting and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Alcoholic beverages, which contribute to dehydration, should be avoided. Those with serious medical conditions should speak with their physician for advice before beginning a fast.

During the fast, the body should be constantly hydrated. Individuals intending to fast should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, more if possible, and get proper rest as fatigue may make it difficult to follow through with the fast. Fasting still allows for daily activities, but strenuous activities, including sports and vigorous exercise, should be avoided. Fasting should not break with a large, high-calorie meal; instead, a complete and balanced meal should break a fast. Food with a high content of water, sugar and salt, such as pretzels or dried dates, are recommended when breaking a fast.

Fasting may be beneficial to overall health and even boost metabolism, when done correctly. The main reasons that people fast are for health, weight loss and religion.

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