How Do You Get Fast Relief From Constipation?


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To get fast relief from constipation, engage in exercise, gently apply pressure to the tummy, eat smaller portions and drink peppermint tea. Constipation refers to a condition in which individuals have difficulties during bowel movement, often caused by hardened feces. More than 4 million Americans experience this problem each year, according to WebMD.

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Women are at a greater risk of having tummy complications including constipation and diarrhea, notes Health Magazine. While seeking medical care is highly encouraged, there are a few natural remedies that anyone can use to find relief when dealing with constipation.

Individuals with this condition can find relief by engaging in exercise. Being inactive slows down various processes, including bowel movement. Taking a 15 minute walk or riding a bicycle for a few minutes can help increase the internal processes related to bowel movement.

Acupressure refers to applying pressure to the tummy in a way that can relieve stress. This technique requires that pressure be applied in a circular motion right above the naval.

Consuming too much food is likely to worsen the situation. Try consuming smaller portions of food. Include foods in the diet that are rich in fiber to help make stool softer. Eating foods that are fluid in nature, such as broth, water and fresh fruit juices, can help.

Peppermint tea is known for its relaxing properties. Having some tea can help relax the stomach muscles and relieve constipation.

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