Does the Fast Metabolism Diet plan work?


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Haylie Pomroy, who developed the Fast Metabolism Diet, emphasizes that everyone will lose weight at a different rate while following the plan, but that over time the diet is equally effective for most. She notes that those whose progress stalls are likely to need their blood tested for underlying issues.

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Pomroy said her diet plan works by confusing the metabolism using whole foods in varying combinations through three phases over a period of days. This, she said, prompts a sluggish metabolism to begin working at top efficiency. She recommends exercising 30 minutes three times a week to help boost the metabolism. Many who closely follow the diet lose up to 20 pounds in one month, she adds.

Several nutritionists asked to review the Fast Metabolism Diet said that the plan's focus on whole, natural foods as opposed to processed, preservative-laden foods is likely to help participants lose weight. They note that the plan includes healthy oils, high-fiber foods and lean proteins, all of which are excellent foods for healthy living.

Reviewers of the diet say it helps cut down the body's insulin production, which makes it effective for weight loss. It does this by eliminating many insulin-spiking foods, including gluten, corn, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. They say that while the diet is effective when followed, it is potentially too restrictive and/or confusing for some, who are likely to give up before seeing results.

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