How Fast Does Frostbite Occur?


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The rate of which frostbite occurs will depend on the temperature and the wind speed; however, in temperatures that are considered to be extremely cold, which depending on these two factors can be anywhere from -32 to -72 degrees Fahrenheit, exposed skin is vulnerable to frostbite after approximately 10 minutes and in temperatures that are considered to be frigidly cold, which is anywhere from -48 to -98 F with higher wind speeds, exposed skin can become frostbitten in as little as 5 minutes, as reported by the National Weather Service. Wind chill is dependent on the temperature and the wind speeds, and quicker wind speeds can help accelerate the rate of frostbite.

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The best way to avoid frostbite is to stay warm and also stay indoors. Those people who have to go outside should dress appropriately with several layers of warm clothing. Trapped air can act as an efficient insulation.

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